How to choose the right Zix Corp encryption product

Zix Corp basically makes 2 products to support email encryption. The products are ZixMail and ZixGateway.

ZixMail is ideal for individuals and businesses with less than 10 users, ZixMail is a desktop email encryption solution that encrypts and decrypts emails and attachments with a single click. It includes automated key management and delivery to anyone, anywhere through a secure web portal.

ZixMail integrates with corporate email systems and Web-based email, and optional plug-ins are available for full integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Until recently, ZixMail was the best choice for small organizations since a user could purchase on line and download the software without any help from the IT department or DNS changes. It is still a good choice for small organizations with little or no IT skills however, if you are using a popular email solution from GoogleApps or Microsoft’s Office 365 and have the ability to add a couple of MX subdomain records to your DNS, ZixGateway is often more than 65% cheaper and a superior product.

ZixGateway is offered by Zix MSP partners such as where they host a ZixGateway server in their data center. Subscribers can route their outbound email to be encrypted for about $40 per year per user. Compare that to the cost of ZixMail which cost between $115 – $140 per year per user.

The other advantage of ZixGateway is that unlike ZixMail, the decision to encrypt is not left up to the sender. ZixGateway automatically inspects each email and attachment for HIPAA or personal identifiable information and if discovered, encrypts the message and sends it to the recipient.  In contrast, with ZixMail, your sender needs to decide if the message should be encrypted and that is only if they remember to think about encryption when sending an email.

Hosted ZixGateway is always the much better choice but you will need to configure an outbound gateway in your on premise Exchange server, GoogleApps or Office 365 control panel and create a couple of MX records at your DNS.  Technically, these steps are super easy to do and in most cases, your Zix Partner will walk you through the steps and ensure you have done it correctly before routing your email.

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