Spanning Cloud Backup for Office 365

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The leader in backup now covers your Office 365 data

Collaboration may increase the potential for data loss, but with Spanning Backup for Office 365, your freedom to move between multiple devices and work with colleagues across the globe doesn’t have to come with fear of cloud data loss. Spanning Backup provides daily, automated backup and accurate restore, ensuring that your data is protected, available, and recoverable, no matter what


Protect productivity with automated daily and on-demand backups, putting concerns over data loss and compliance to rest.


Easy, intuitive restores – including cross-user restores – get data back exactly the way it was from any point in time in just a few clicks.



Collaboration doesn’t have to be a liability. Our secure and mobile-ready application will keep you working – from anywhere, on any device, no matter what.

Backup, monitor and restore from anywhere.

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Spanning Backup for Office 365

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